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Crystal Clear Clarity (CCC)
Honor your Life Daily!

Discover your unique Soul contract,
and learn how to honor it.” The Council of AR

Crystal Clear Clarity (CCC) - Sandra Muller - Love a Crystal - Shamanic practitioner - Channeling - Healer

An empowering 6-week Soul Journey that will transform your existence, enabling you to embark on a fresh start with a blank canvas teeming with newfound energy, limitless inspiration, and profound self-discovery. Guided by the nurturing love and compassion of The Council of AR.

What is the purpose of taking this course?

“To reveal within your own self the meaning of your own life.”
The Council of AR.

How can this be done?
“By a full retrospection of your entire life walking backward and forwards on your own footsteps. This will reveal various clues and help you trace and remember your own Soul Contract. By accessing your own Soul Contract, you will have less resistance and therefore more acceptance of your own life. By achieving this you will start to feel lighter and more in tune with your own path, your own journey. This self-exploration will become your healing medicine.”
The Council of AR.

Who is The Council of AR?

The Council of AR is a group of highly evolved, loving, and compassionate Helping Spirits that Sandra has been working with, as a shamanic practitioner and channeler.

These Helping Spirits work only to help and heal planet Earth and its many inhabitants. The Council of AR represents the power of all Helping Spirits merged into one.

We are a constellation of Helping Spirits with names and distinctive physical shapes that counsel Sandra.
We are a small group of compassionate Helping Spirits that Sandra has become familiar with, and that unite as ONE Energy Frequency to channel and download healing energies through Sandra.
She knows us each individually and enjoys our various characters and special healing abilities.
The Council of AR

The CCC Course weekly Live Online ZOOM sessions will include:

  • Introduction to The Council of AR and to the AR Frequency.
  • Story of what inspired me to create the CCC Online Course.
  • Understanding what “Loss of Contract Memory” is and why this memory loss is important.
  • Finding your Power Animal in a guided meditation.
  • Guided journeys to discover your talents and abilities.
  • Guided journeys to remember past lives, locations, and Soul lessons.
  • Guided journeys of childhood dreams, the way you saw yourself as an adult.
  • Learning eye-gazing exercises.
  • Re-evaluating and HONORING your LIFE.
  • Some sessions will have a long-distance group healing for all attendees.
  • Some Sessions will have Live Channeling to answer attendee’s questions.
  • Each attendee will receive a signed copy of my book CRYSTAL-CLEAR JOY! And a small pocket size AR Frequency charged LAC Quartz Crystal.
  • Live lesson “How to create a Crystal-Clear Temple of Light in your home or office” using your AR Frequency activated LAC Crystal.

And much more..

I help highly motivated, driven individuals thriving in various areas of their lives, yet sensing a disconnection from their Soul’s mission go from lethargic, fatigued, disoriented, and even depressed, to finding Crystal Clear Clarity in a simple way that helps them honor their lives daily so that they can thrive and thoroughly enjoy their existence and gain back their full power and potential.

Through a 6-week transformative journey that re-establishes a renewed connection with their personal Soul Journey and with the compassionate guidance of The Council of AR, they embark on a transformative path of rediscovery of their Soul contract, learning to honor it along the way through simple techniques that can continue to help them get back on track.

signature sandra muller

This course is ideal for individuals who:

Seek Spiritual Growth: You’re fully committed to expanding your spirituality and are eager to explore your Soul’s journey to lead a more purposeful life.

Trust your Intuition: You rely on your strong intuition and recognize its significance in your decision-making process.

Follow a Spiritual Path: If you’re already on a transpersonal path and eager to delve deeper into the mysteries of your own life journey.

Seek Clarity: You may be feeling confused about your spiritual gifts, overwhelmed by life’s demands, or fatigued from constantly giving to others.

Value Balance and Grace: You understand that navigating life with balance and grace is preferable to being overwhelmed by emotional turmoil.

Sandra Muller

Cost CHF 800.-
Deposit CHF 300.-
Limited capacity

Dates: January 6, 13, 20, 27 February 3, 10 2024
10 Am-12 Pm Eastern Time Zone (ET) (2 hours long)
ZOOM Online

Dates for March course will be annouced shortly

Feel free to reach out and schedule a call with me via email.

This will help us determine if this course aligns with your current life path.