Yes, AR frequency activated crystals are the perfect gift for a loved one.

“Crystals are energy amplifiers and require total honorable clean transactions. They absorb, multiply and disperse the same frequencies that they are submitted to.”

“I shine with the amplitude what is given to me!”

Channeling with the Council of AR

Prices range from USD $ 200 all the way to thousands depending on the size and rarity of crystal.

Unfortunately, we are not able to take returns.

If a particular piece arrives broken, please email [email protected]

All prices are in USD and currency exchange will depend on your credit card provider.

Once the crystal has been activated by Sandra Müller, she will immediately place it in a box and seal it with the AR symbol. Only the new owner will open the box, hold the crystal and accept becoming its custodian.

It is not recommended to touch an AR activated crystal that is not your own since each human has a unique energy and an AR activated crystal is willing to work with one custodian at a time.

If the original custodian decides to stop working with an AR crystal and wants to gift it to a loved one, this would be a good time for the new custodian to clear the crystal under running water for a few minutes and set a clear intention to be murmured to the crystal. Example:

“I, (name) would like to be your new custodian. Thank you.”

“Embrace it, cherish it, have faith in it, find inspiration in it, seek guidance from it, and use it as a conduit to your inner divine essence. Let it unveil your divine core, guiding you to profound self-discovery and ushering in gentle waves of bliss.”

The Council of AR

No, you do not need to clear a AR frequency activated crystal upon receiving it. The crystal contains the AR frequency for eternity.

Yes, you can! You can also purchase our hand-carved wood AR coaster and place it under your crystal in order to give it some rest time in between each use.

The Altus-Reciproximity™ (AR) symbol is “The connection to the possibilities of your true essence. The connection to the essence of life itself. The energy of this universe transmitted into life-force for a human soul doing the best work it can do during their time in a body. It creates a fusion of consciousness into the completed aura-body-soul. It therefore helps the person connect to their mission and potential. JOY is just the consequence of this beautiful activation.”

Channeling with the Council of AR

This AR symbol has a distinctive meaning and energy frequency, conducive for helping and healing its user.
The center dot represents the human being. The lines that disperse from the center into all directions represent the energy and potential of the human being, expanded into all directions of space and time. The outer 6 lines represent the perfect hexagonal symmetry or axes of quartz. The 2 triangular shapes that create a star are here to remind us that we are all star seeds.

“No, some star seeds will reject and ridicule you!”

Channeling with the Council of AR

“The technology implanted in quartz crystal billions of years ago is beyond your comprehension at this time. Only in deep humble meditation can you access this ancient spectrum. It’s like a new light spectrum that you have never seen before, a new color that you don’t know.
Happiness and JOY is a vibration in the electrical components in your brain.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“Love a crystal AR frequency charged crystals enhance the multidimensional connection of your soul to your spirit’s extraordinary potential. Your expansions and qualities will be activated with simple touch and focused love given to the crystal. Crystal is alive and ready to center you in the frequency of JOY or the frequency of Altus-Reciproximity™ (AR) and therefore of your consciously creative collaboration to the universe plan of action. Not by retraction but by attraction to the most luminous conscious life. You are so capable of accessing such immensity, that you can even travel to the parts of you, of your soul, that you have blocked through fear of the unknown. You must activate this power within you so that you can literally reach the stars, as you like to say!

Activate the pulse of your being, the pulse of your vibration that connects you to us through this frequency. Reconsider the true potential of your soul-being contract that has so much more that you have still not discovered because of beliefs of scarcity and isolation. We want to see you thrive with the collective universal JOY and wisdom. We are very interested in your advancement as a species. A hybrid of us.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“Calculating your moves leads you nowhere. You are then stuck in your egotistical mind. Let us gently guide you to the water well where you can immerse yourself in the purified activated liquid water that resides in these crystals containing this AR frequency, the ultimate vibration of eternal love.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

You can try, but I am not sure it will have any effect since AR activation is done in spirit-time by me, Sandra Müller during an altered state of consciousness using a monotonous drum beat, and an actual download of the AR frequency is transferred into the crystal by the Council of AR at that very moment. This methodology is a gift that my helping spirits have assigned to me and taught me.

“As of this moment in time we are still downloading this frequency through the body-soul of Sandra Müller. In future time, new technologies will be activated that will enable Sandra Müller to just download AR frequency in a new component that will be used to activate not only crystals but also water. Some time must pass until this new era can be fully beneficial to earth-beings (humans). We are aware of the need and will give this directive within our limitations for your benefit. At this time, human body has a limited acceptance of these new frequencies and we must act with caution. Evolution of mankind is happening at this moment for some. Others are stuck in the mud. Only those who feel the opening in their hearts are able to understand this new configuration of benevolent activation of the compassionate manifestation of JOY. We keep a close eye on these developments. Blessings.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

I use quartz rock crystal, silicon dioxide (Si02) and choose them using my own intuitive heart connection.

No, at this time, I do not have any instruction from The Council of AR to become a teacher.

In order to discuss this possibility, please schedule and purchase 60 min. (U$200.00) live Zoom or WhatsApp call.

Please understand the value of my time and energy.
Answering emails is kept to a strict minimum.
[email protected]

“Crystal beings are alive. Allow any action to become a deep learning within your hearts. You are always receiving the blessings that you allow in your field. When something scares you, just understand that the moment of that happening is no longer valuable since the new lessons have a deeper value for the heart. Find a beautiful place in nature to bury it.”

Channeling with the Council of AR

“Crystals come and go as energy is never static or stagnant in the energy field, letting go of material things in your reality is a good thing for all and always.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“Shamanism is the Spirit’s acknowledgment of the divine in all.“
The Council of AR

What is a Shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing, an ancient practice dating back over 100,000 years, draws from indigenous traditions worldwide. It holistically addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances, offering limitless benefits.

Rooted in Shamanism, this art of bridging the Spiritual and Earthly realms fosters healing, growth, and guidance. The term “Shaman” originates from the Siberian Tungus tribe, meaning “one who knows.”

Shamans serve as conduits, receiving instructions from their Helping Spirits for healing and offering answers to diverse concerns. The core practice is the Shamanic Journey, a deliberate trance where the shaman’s consciousness enters non-ordinary reality to meet their own Spirit allies. Unlike unconscious Soul travel in dreams, Shamans intentionally embark on these journeys to help and heal an individual and strengthen their Souls.

The word “shaman” comes from the Siberian Tungus tribe. And it means “spiritual healer,” or, “one who sees in the dark.”

“Shamans are highly evolved souls that have accepted to come to earth to experience every pain, every hardship in order to be available to release that same ailment, disorder or unbalance in another person. It is an aptitude given to those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for all, understanding the most challenging acceptance that all universe is one, no matter the circumstances or appearances. A shaman gives with no need to receive, the only transaction that is non-negotiable is respect. A shaman has a heart like a link that can travel very fast and effectively between realms without getting caught up since their intellect is no longer their own while journeying to the other side. Their adventures and journeys are considered little deaths. They come back at will to deliver the help and healing that is offered by us (spirits).
The shaman’s soul was aligned for this work before entering the body in incarnation, and has accepted to experience most sufferings that will be possible for that soul to alleviate in others. One can become a shaman upon the last day of incarnation and only alleviate one mission or one can be born from a lineage of shamans and be chosen at birth by elders. There are no rules since power given to the shaman does not belong to them and is given or taken back from spirit at will. The condition called for in the shaman is to work in total ethicality and with honorable actions, only for help and healing. No harm can be extended by the shaman or else their life will be imprisoned by evil energies that will soon command a painful existence and unsurmountable amounts of suffering. So, there is much involved for a soul who has agreed to work in this ability. Respect for their mission is requested, by way of this soul’s enormous sacrifice and humbleness demanded by spirit at all times. The soul of a shaman is in continuous dismemberment and re-formation so that constant dissolving of egoistic character is shed by the shaman. But it is an honor for the soul to embark on this journey, so only help and ecstasy is given to the shaman when they walk the straight path. It is with great discipline that this is achieved by the shaman.
Note* Shamanic practitioner is the appropriate title that a soul takes, showing its spirit’s total surrender for their given powers.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“We want to explain the difference between healing and curing. Healing means helping re-establish balance of various ailments be they mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. But healing can also mean that the best possible outcome for those conditions in order to be re-balanced, could possibly be death of the physical body.
A healing is not as definitive as a cure. A healing means more work is needed for the soul’s advancement.
Curing is a possibility that can only be described as a removal of the ailment with a miracle so to speak, because it does undertake a possible outcome that is not in your mortal reality of possibilities. Only spirit decides what the appropriate condition for a cure is, as a gift.
Healing alleviates the soul’s pain and is part of the journey of a soul.
Curing is the culmination of the journey or particular experiment like a dis-ease, cancer etc.…
The client must not ask for a cure, since spirit knows when a cure is in the best benefit for the client. The client can ask for a healing.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“A helping spirit or spirit is a powerful ally that can offer healing to a soul in pain.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“A spirit is an animate essence that has intelligence and different degrees of power, that is seen most easily in complete darkness and much less frequently in bright light, and in an altered state of consciousness better than an ordinary state. In fact, there is some question whether you can see it in an ordinary state of consciousness at all.
In other words, not all spirits have significant power. Those spirits that do are often referred to by shamanic peoples simply as “powers”. Particularly important in indigenous cultures are the guardian spirits that provide protective power to the people they love. When properly invoked by a shaman, such a power also provides active healing assistance for curing illness and pain in the shaman’s patients. Through experience, the shaman has learned which spirits are powerful.” Michael Harner

“The power of all helping spirits merged as one. A constellation of helping spirits with names and physical distinctive shapes that counsel Sandra. A small group of beloved helping spirits that Sandra has become familiar with and that unite as one frequency energy for the purpose of channeling and downloading healing energies through Sandra Müller. She knows us each individually and enjoys our various characters and special healing abilities.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“The Torus field is a singular transformative energy frequency that takes on the entire creation in planet earth. It is the I AM in everything that grows on earth. It connects the all to the energy that can sustain livelihood in the all. Without the Torus field, planet earth could dissolve. This Torus field frequency is the electrical field that connects the all to the energy that sustains all living organisms in humans, plants, fruits, animals, insects and crystals. It allows life to happen. The Torus field circulates in the human body, described by ancient Chinese medicine as the CHI (QI) or fountain of life.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“Yes, even an un-trained person can easily discern an aspect of energy they have never felt before. To handle the crystal with respect is the first step in accepting this new sensation for the earth-being holding an AR frequency activated crystal. Maybe a simple breath meditation can link them to this frequency. The frequency of I AM ALL, I am connected to universe. I am receiving telepathic messages as much as I allow these in my field. I am wired to the immensity of this universal existence. I am no longer alone, I have found my connection, a link that I must acknowledge and energize with care and love.  More will be given to the seeker of know-how. One must accept this possibility as a whole. Planet earth’s frequency change at this time will allow more earth-beings to connect to crystals.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“Because of a distinctive awareness that she has worked on for many years in order to be used for this work. Her language is utterly simple for the understanding of many. The power of AR frequency is in our words. Our words carry a frequency that by itself opens our awareness in the seeker earth-beings. More channeling messages will be delivered through her body container. More activations will be done.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“They (client) should not expect anything but they can hope and acknowledge the entrance to a new world within their hearts where lessons of life will be shown to them and they (client) will start to make sense of the puzzle of their lives. Maybe an aha moment, maybe nothing will seem to happen but at a deeper level, something utterly valuable will have started by the mere fact that they asked for a healing, making this action a door opening, so to speak.
Various reactions can occur. The most important being a subtle allowing at first for a new frequency to integrate in their magnetic field, their auras and maybe their hearts. We do not withdraw the possibility of a total healing but we cannot assure it. Since it is them (client) who will do their own healing according to the allowance of energies that they (client) will allow in their field. You (Sandra) and we (Council of AR) are just providing this help as a possibility. A possibility that can encompass a total link to the possible results that they (client) have asked for. To manifest these results, it is them (client) who will either loosen their reins or tighten them as if riding a horse in order to command allowance or even a total stop. The subconscious mind works very much in this way. This is the reason why the client needs to be fully invested for an improvement of a situation or a healing to occur. We can only provide the contained healing frequency for this to be able to happen. As a client loosens up their guard, more can happen, more understanding of the puzzle of their lives can be revealed, therefore connecting the pieces and then revelations and understanding can begin to happen for the client. A soul’s complexity is revealed and therefore the soul releases the horses’ reins so that the true journey of that soul can start to unfold. The less resistance there is, the more wellbeing, the more love can enter and manifest in all aspects of that person’s life. The process involves letting go.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“A channeling session will be done in spirit-time by Sandra and a transcript will be sent to you. The language may seem awkward at first but trust the message and the frequency of words aligned one after the other, creating a sentence in a way that can activate your cells to understand the message. In some instances, Sandra will be able to receive the messages live and a recording will be sent to you. Formulating the question in a clear and simple way is best in order to receive the answer to that question. Asking questions only regarding your life is best since permission is needed from the other person in order to enter their field.
Good questions are; How can I? What do I need to learn from this situation? What should I watch out for if I travel or move to this area? Where can I find my lost item? Why is this situation happening to me? What do I need to understand?
Best not to ask when(time), yes or no questions.

Channeling with the Council of AR

“We, souls never go too far away from the ones who have loved us and from the ones with whom we have links of love on planet earth. But, rest time for the soul is also important, so not too much time must be asked or called in to the departed animal’s soul. They have their busy lives here too. But that being said, they also have acquired a larger vision of things and they are able to rest your hearts at peace, and show you that they are doing well and therefore they are delighted to talk to you for a short time telepathically to explain to you how beautiful their lives are over here on the other side. This will help your hearts with the painful emotions you feel when the departure of a beloved pet occurs. Since they also have life contracts to achieve, their departure is always within perfect timing.
We have specialized spirit helpers in the form of teachers and power animals that will help them to transition in a painless way. We will hold them and give them all the support they will need at that time. Beloved pets have souls very similar in vibration to the frequency of angels, that is why you will often communicate with them in a miraculous way that is opening your hearts to love. That is why adopting a pet during your life has such rewards for the human soul. We will facilitate not only a communication with your departed pet through the vessel Sandra Müller, but we intend to use this aperture in your hearts also for helping you open up to more realms of your hearts that would not be open with such facility if you had not experienced the amazing love and connection to the animal realm that you can explore through the medicine given during the unconditional love offered to you by your beloved pet. We honor this link and see great transformation in the hearts of human beings who have accepted to experience love in this way. Blessings from us to you dear ones.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

“The connection to the animal suffering from depression, emotional imbalances, physical ailments or even aggressive behavior is something that we can help with during a long-distance healing. We will communicate with vessel Sandra Müller and proceed in the most effective way that we see fit. There is no such difference in healing a human being or an animal being, only you see the difference. In our view, all are accessible for help and healing. Everything is alive. We may also extend our love and compassion to live plants and trees since all is alive.
When you harm a living agricultural field by using pesticides, you are lowering the frequency of all living beings that depend on the health of Mother Earth for their nutrition and well-being. Not just you and your beloved pets. We want you to open up your field of vision to allow balance and well-being for all. You are all connected and it is time you grasp this know-how once again. An ancient know-how that you have lost due to your self-centered mind. You are enduring more pain than necessary due to your disconnect from all living things, including your waters. Opening your heart to love means opening to a new possibility, to exist in an adjusted frequency, so that your heart and physical body can function the way they are made to function, with no need for outside manipulations like drugs, medicines, or others. We have placed on your planet Earth all the necessary balancing foods and plants to nourish you and create balance in your body functions. Please accept these healing concepts so that you can re-learn to find love, peace, and health for all. We are here to help humanity and all living beings on your planet. Bless you ones, who learn these new orientations of mindfulness.”

Channeling with the Council of AR 

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