“Depression is just loss of power…

“Depression is just loss of power.

Loss of connection to guidance, universal guidance.

Depression mostly happens to a soul when they have lost the correct frequency in connection to the universe.

When the ego kicks in and wants to lead, and the doors start to close, one after the other.

The bountiful universe is just showing you that something is off by allowing a feeling of utter displeases to enter your field. At that point, one must surrender and know that you are pushing the un-pushable.

To access flow, one must connect back to source and to the heart.”

How can one do this? I ask.

“Breathe, contemplation, music, dance, sleep, and silence. It is a matter to reset the direction of the mastiff, in order for the wind to kick in again and guide with no doughts, no confusion and/or distortions.

One must allow.”

The Council of AR