Shamanic Long-Distance Animal Healing with Sandra Muller

Animal channeling or long-distance healing

Channeling session for an animal that has crossed over:
A channeling session will be done in spirit-time by Sandra and a transcript will be sent to you within 48 hours.

An animal long-distance session will be done in spirit-time by Sandra and a transcript will be sent to you within 48 hours.

What do I require?
*Permission from the owner/s of the pet and from the pet’s soul (Sandra will ask) is necessary in order to proceed with this work.

Please email [email protected] to request an Animal Healing with details of the pet, a photo and what is the healing need.

Once I have the Pet’s ok, I will email you back to schedule and receive payment.

Shamanic healing treats ailments and illnesses by
mending the Soul or the Spirit.
They are believed to restore the individual’s physical body
to balance and wholeness.


CHF 150.00


Additional information

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What can I expect from a channeling session for an animal that has crossed over?

We, souls never go too far away from the ones who have loved us and from the ones with whom we have links of love on planet earth. But, rest time for the soul is also important, so not too much time must be asked or called in to the departed animal’s soul. They have their busy lives here too. But that being said, they also have acquired a larger vision of things and they are able to rest your hearts at peace, and show you that they are doing well and therefore they are delighted to talk to you for a short time telepathically to explain to you how beautiful their lives are over here on the other side. This will help your hearts with the painful emotions you feel when the departure of a beloved pet occurs. Since they also have life contracts to achieve, their departure is always within perfect timing.

We have specialized spirit helpers in the form of teachers and power animals that will help them to transition in a painless way. We will hold them and give them all the support they will need at that time. Beloved pets have souls very similar in vibration to the frequency of angels, that is why you will often communicate with them in a miraculous way that is opening your hearts to love. That is why adopting a pet during your life has such rewards for the human soul. We will facilitate not only a communication with your departed pet through the vessel Sandra Müller, but we intend to use this aperture in your hearts also for helping you open up to more realms of your hearts that would not be open with such facility if you had not experienced the amazing love and connection to the animal realm that you can explore through the medicine given during the unconditional love offered to you by your beloved pet. We honor this link and see great transformation in the hearts of human beings who have accepted to experience love in this way. Blessings from us to you dear ones.
Channeling with The Council of AR

What can I expect from an animal long-distance healing?
The connection to the animal suffering from depression, emotional imbalances, physical ailments or even aggressive behavior is something that we can help with during a long-distance healing. We will communicate with vessel Sandra Müller and proceed in the most effective way that we see fit. There is no such difference in healing a human being or an animal being, only you see the difference. In our view, all are accessible for help and healing. Everything is alive. We may also extend our love and compassion to live plants and trees, since all is alive.

When you harm a living agricultural field by using pesticides, you are lowering the frequency of all living beings that depend on the health of mother earth for their nutrition and wellbeing. Not just you and your beloved pets. We want you to open up your field of vision to allowing balance and wellbeing for all. You are all connected and it is time you grasp this know-how once again. An ancient know-how that you have lost due to your self-centered mind. You are enduring more pain then necessary due to your disconnection with all living things, including your waters. Opening your hearts to love means opening to a new possibility, to exist in an adjusted frequency, so that your heart and physical body can function the way they are made to function, with no need for outside manipulations like drugs, medicines, or others. We have placed on your planet earth all necessary balancing foods and plants to nourish you and create balance in your body functions. Please accept these healing concepts so that you can re-learn to find love, peace, and health for all. We are here to help humanity and all living beings on your planet. Bless you ones, who learn these new orientations of mindfulness.
Channeling with The Council of A

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