The “Inner Flame” Citrine Crystal


Message channeled of this AR Frequency downloaded crystal

 December 28, 2021


Would you like to give me a message and what is your name?

“Yes, my name is INNER FLAME.

 I am the Inner Flame for those who would like to connect to the essence of the part of themselves that wants and needs to wake up from a dormant state.

The ones who need more Spirit Power and connection to their own essence.

 I emanate love and strong willpower in the ones looking at me and connecting with me,

to allow and activate more fire in their lives. 

Since a dormant state is no longer adequate for humanity.

A wake-up call to embody an Inner Flame connection to life purpose activated into action.

 My abundant emanations of love turned into activations for the ones who yearn 

to have a stronger connection to self-empowerment of the ecstasy available to all human hearts.

 In solitude and prayer, the ultimate yoga, silence of the mind, connection to Soul, and fusion to Spirit essence.


My numerology is 6.

6 is the waking up of an enclosed Soul. 

Once the O sphere becomes open to express itself, then the Spirit connection to Soul is activated.

6 is the opening energy of a closed-up nucleus.

6 is activation.

6 is the authority of willpower to activate the Soul.

The O sphere can roll down a hill and never stop, but once it is open to becoming a 6, 

then it naturally stops and can anchor itself to grow from a seed into a tree, 

opening up energies to all universal laws of expansion. “ 

Thank you! “You are welcome!”


Would you like to embody the AR frequencies, I ask?  “Yes”

I then downloaded the AR frequency into the INNER FLAME Quartz crystal.