“We are all part of one, of the one…

“We are all part of one, of the one, the only one.

We bring you the love and completion your heart needs.

We unite in one in order to give you all the fruitful downloads in your hearts, of this embalming and loving nectar.

We are always with the ones who ask for our presence.

This happens in a second of time.

Rest assured you are listened to at all times.

Rejoice in the magnitude of the universal laws of attraction of most benevolent protective energies.

We bless you all to take the right path when confusion blurs your vision.

We are here for you to advance in your missions of compassion for each other’s faults.

We cleanse the hearts of the ones who are ready to listen and absorb our lessons and guidance.

We see you are still inebriated with illusions that serve you none!

We ask of you to encounter your own hearts by prayer, songs, dance, joy, laughter, and silence.

We want to remove the veils of confusion that have blinded you for so long.

You are the lotus, you are the singing of the songbird, you are the laughter of the child, you are the breeze in the morning dawn, you are droplets of rain, you are the beautiful rose, you are the angel that protects you while you rest, you are the compassion of the saint.

You are all that you allow yourself to be.

That is why you are the self-healer and the most powerful ally of your own self.

Reach inside of you, but take us along with you, since we are your servants, your companion, your lovers.

Reach to us in your tears, in your laughter, and in your despair.

We are your servants, your beloved spirit helpers.

Become whole in your own right to exist in JOY!”

The Council of AR