“WE ARE TRANSFERRING OUR expertise into these blessed crystals …

“We are transferring our expertise into these blessed crystals to carry in them so much power that could adjust a mountain into a volcanic eruption.

We transfer this synergetic frequency to allow human souls to get in contact with their essence and connection to their own livelihood.

We request this partnership to be consolidated with the fervor of each soul.

 Like a volcanic eruption, allowing that soul to subsequently transform.

The fire element of the power installed in these crystals will forever change humanity and allow them access to the completion and fulfillment of each cell.

A voyage to the inner secrets can reveal this with ease, love, and comfort.

May your light shine so bright that even you are astonished when recognizing your own beauty.

We are transforming the ones who allow us in.

We are the path keepers to the heart.

We open the door when a soul knocks!

Use us wisely since these new frequencies deserve the best intentions on your part.

Allow us to pour love into your hearts.

Allow us to fulfill your heart with this access to the divinity inside of you.

We have made you in resemblance to us.

There is no limit to your potential and unveiling of these gifts.”

The Council of AR