The Ether


“May all the hearts pumping with life force at this very moment connect as One.
May their union include the Universe.
May each one feel part of the Ether and of the ALL.
Disconnection is what creates dis-union and therefore a feeling of being lost, of not belonging.
You are not just belonging to Earthly families and friends, you are one with the entire forces of the Universal Creation.
Integrate yourself to the ALL in your next breath with simple thought and allowance.
The feeling will take you there.
Trust that all is well at all times.
Trust that the entire Universe exists inside your very essence and that you exist in the ALL joined by a thread of Lifeforce.
And when the vessel finishes its lifespan on Earth, more beautiful adventures await on the other side of the spectrum.
Prepare for this transition on a daily basis so that when your time comes,
you simply recognize this old friend, death, and embrace it in total love.”
31 JANUARY, 2023

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