Please give me a message for all, I ask

My Power Animal and I travel through the veil to the Upper World.

We sit, and our hands, and paws touch. Our third eyes merge together in order for me to receive a transmission.


“There is always much pain in the injustice, darkness, sadness, and loneliness taking place

at this very second on Planet Earth.

But We assure you that you are not left unnoticed or uncared for, not even for a second.

We exist within your very essence and We are the source of Life Force inside your vessel.


We are always giving you free will and choices to embark on various adventures.

Many times this freedom dispatches you to dead-ends.

These can build up fear, pain, sorrow, and frustration in you.


Since energies and vibrations have a ripple effect,

These negative disturbances are amplified and sent far into the Universe, creating even more disharmony.

But if you allow a flow of energy to move these sensations, you will access clarity.


In the dark night of the Soul, only one thing can be done: Surrender.

Surrender to THE ALL-POWERFUL and accept the frequency of a beggar where nothing, in particular, is envisioned, just survival and well-being.


This state of blank nothingness is the fastest way to allow Creation to guide you again

and place you back in the instant

when you took a wrong turn and lost the perception of the correct path for you.


By surrendering you assure yourself a rescue.

And therefore a feeling of tranquility back in your heart.


You will always fall. 

That, We can assure you. Falling is part of The Game of Life.

It always brings lessons and evolution for the Soul encased inside a vessel.


We can also assure you with total certainty that We never could be capable of disconnecting from you,

since We, The energy of the Universal Creation, are in your essence, in your cells.

Therefore We can never abandon you, even in moments of total despair.

We are linked to your Heart, to your Soul, and to your Essence.

Rest assured, We are always here for you. “



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