Dolores Cannon. The Convoluted Universe: Book One (pp. 240-241). Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.

Dolores Cannon transcript during hypnotic session with “Phil”.

This session is regarding the uses of crystals during Atlantean times.

Phil: There are far more uses for crystals than is available now to your human comprehension. That which is unknown far exceeds that which is known. However, when your level of awareness increases to accept and accommodate these realities, then the uses will be manifest. It can be seen that quartz in some form magnifies and intensifies that energy which is human energy. We find here the translation is difficult, for the true energy concept is not understood. However, a blending of energies, both human and non-human is quite possible and readily accomplished with these crystals. They can be used as blenders and differentiators or separators, depending on the direction of the energy given by the person or persons using or directing this crystal. They are a filter, useful in many different ways, limited only by the imagination of those who would use them.

D: When you speak of a stone filtering cosmic rays, what would be the purpose of needing to filter cosmic rays?

P: There is the filtering and focusing, which can be separate or simultaneous. There are four specific reasons or purposes. Specific energies which are best suited. This would be for the filtering or focusing aspect. Focusing merely focuses or condenses the energies to one singular area. Different stones may do each or special stones may do both, depending on the purpose. The cosmic energies are a very powerful, as yet untouched, source of energy, which this planet has yet to discover; an abundant source of raw energy many millions of times more powerful than any raw materials here on this planet.

D: The problem is being able to uncover it.

P: The problem is raising the consciousness in order to accept the concept and simultaneously to sharpen the responsibility in order to use it. This energy was prevalent on this planet at one time, but through lack of responsibility the knowledge of its use was lost.

D: Was this at the time of Atlantis?

P: Yes, that is correct. Much was lost at that time. There was much misuse in the Atlantean times of many different types and forms of energies. For there was initially a high understanding of these energies which constitute physical reality. There was then the misuse of the understanding of these energies.