The possession of a Love a Crystal Quartz

“The possession of a Love a Crystal Quartz is like accepting an element of reconciliation of all your bodies. The ones that lived in your soul many times on this planet earth and the ones that lived in Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion and other planets.
Only by accepting an attunement of all your parts or segments, all of you can be aligned to manifestations of the divine in you.
The source of all your qualities and an expansion of your ultimate creation.
The YOU that really lives in you.
The one who is your best ally, your best friend, your part of consolidated light.
You exist due to the life force of this beating heart. When you connect to this life force within you, you then exist! Co-creating with all universal creations. Your full potential, your full power revealed.
Bathe in this light of the divine essence in you. Ignite the crystals!”
 Channeling with the Council of AR