“Everyone has a heart, everyone has a soul….

“Everyone has a heart, everyone has a soul and a spirit.

How convenient to be able to access all 3, at all times.

No one is deprived of direct information and constant inspiration through what you each empower by thought. This is what you will tap into.

 Think of it as a center point with many avenues going in all directions.

You are at the center, you contain all your elements, including your pineal gland.

Now you need to choose one of these avenues.

Some avenues or choices will spread more darkness that already exists in this dualistic world.

Other avenues seem less enticing but they are made of pure light, for you to not only embrace the light, but embody the light, so that you can shine and therefore illuminate someone’s path at some point, either by just your presence of peace or by your innate joy! 

     This seems boring for many who prefer the energies of complex dualities, mind games, and manipulations.

  It is only you who can discern with your integrity the path or avenue you will take. Be part of the solution, not the problem!

 Yes, humans are shown problems and lack left and right at this moment. But by spreading the disconformities of all, do you really think you will be tapping into your own creativity to find the solutions?

Only in the silence of the complexity of the human body, can the soul connect to the immensity of the universal knowledge ruled by light, ruled by source.

It is up to each one to choose the avenue they will embark on.

We are just watching the results. 

Many creative thoughts are sent your way. Many of those creative thoughts have full potential for amazing results. We hope you will synchronize your antennas to our frequencies so that we can transmit through you the ultimate life-saving plan for all humanity and for all living beings, including the mineral world and planet Gaia.

Be part of the solution! Tune in to the correct frequencies with your antennas. 

 How is this done? I ask 

It is done by slowing down until you can breathe in synchronicity with the breath of Gaia itself. Until all your molecules are releasing your egotistical mindset and your beautiful self can pick up the information and knowledge that resides in each soul. Remember you each have lived in many eras, locations, times, and have accumulated much knowledge. Good and bad. The know-how of all resides in each one of you. With no exception. 

Accept this fruitful opportunity to resolve this mixed-up puzzle you have found yourselves in.”  Channeling The Council of AR

August 1, 2021