The Third Eye activation


Is there a way we can merge with our truest selves, and let go of the illusions? I ask

“Yes, by activating your Third Eye.

What the physical eyes can see, the Third Eye discerns as illusions.

This triangle is the unlocking. The triangle that unlocks true “seeing”.

The Third Eye unlocks what the eyes cannot see.


Only in total synchronicity of these 3 eyes,

can the inhabitant of the vessel perceive this world with a true sense of reality.


 The unlocking of the golden key is made in the Third Eye portal or door opener.

We advise all, to connect the 3 eyes as a pyramid.

This was one of the powers that the Egyptians worshipped.


 The Third Eye is the one that can really see.

The 2 eyes are just the downloadable image communicator.

The Third Eye makes sense of it all.

 It is your lantern in the dark night.

It is your ally during internal wars of misunderstanding, and confusion.

It is your Soul’s connection activator.


For those who are seeking enlightenment, or understanding of the truth,

it is available within the Third Eye’s vision.

Seek no further, the key resides in your Third Eye.

The seer “sees”, and receives all needed information.

The results of that calm the heart and allow it to just feel this adventure.


 The mind is then activated to become the internal computer that carries the knowledge

through time, and space.

The human vessel malfunctions if these have not been properly activated.

The Third Eye connects the heart to feel, and the brain to evaluate internal

knowledge and lessons that the Soul has already achieved in other times.


Then, when all are functioning in accordance with the uses they were intended for,

the vessel will be able to operate as it was meant to.


Intuition is then restored, telepathy is initiated,

and discernment of circumstances is in full activation mode.

Antennas are turned on. The day can start!


The vessel needs good quality food to fuel it.

Peace can then be felt even in external chaos.


This potential is available to all.

Entice one another to activate the Third Eye.

This has been lost through time.

This is needed now.”


How can we activate The Third Eye? I ask

“Exercise “seeing” in total darkness, and silence.

Align your spinal cord straight. Slow breath.

Allow all your senses to activate.


Visualize holding trust in your left hand, and love in the right hand.

Focus on your Third Eye.

Do not push yourself to “see”, allow “seeing “to come.

 If you “see” a vision, allow yourself to be there,

then allow your “seeing” to move you to the next “seeing”, and so forth.


Darkness helps you focus the heart to connect to the Third Eye.

Trust allows the experience to be safe.

Love gives you access to protective energies that surround the vessel.


Your willingness and acceptance grant you more Third Eye integration.

This is not meditation.

It is an allowance from your Spirit to connect to your vessel.


This enables your vessel to accept more consciousness and transcendental telepathic visions

and integrates them with a feeling of peace, and JOY.


Embody the lantern you envision others to become.

Manifest it, so that you can shine the path for others to follow.

This Third Eye activation is crucial at this time in the history of Planet Earth.


You are all capable of glowing with this activation of awareness, wisdom, and enlightenment,

for the benefit of the entire Planet Earth.

Gaia is absorbing your love and efforts.


We, The Council of AR are cheering you, and applauding your improvements. 

You are all ancient Souls inhabiting new vessels.

Navigate your vessel to perfection! Love to all!”

 The Council of AR

August 8, 2021