“Fear starts as conditioning from early days;

The fire burns, the plugs contain lethal electrical shocks, and the children of Biafra are dying of hunger, so eat everything that is on your plate!


This is an example of how early you start to embrace all the potential harming factors that you will later succumb to.

So, you are conditioned to disasters and lack.

Lack of health, lack of food, lack of love, and lack of money.


Most humans start their days with a determination to surpass these lacks.

The news and media make sure to embark you in fear, even if you think you are oblivious to it.

For you, fear of the unknown is as real as anything you do, see or touch.

But, realize these are just an illusion, created by your own subconscious mind.


Nothing has happened yet. Everything is most probably in order. And if it is not in perfect order, if you are overcoming terrible difficulties, there is still an order, eminent in those experiences.

Maybe a feeling of déjà vu, a feeling of knowing that you were going to encounter these moments because a part of you knows them so well.

That same part of you could be called your telepathic awareness, innate to all humans.


As much as you can grasp the fear in this experience of lack, you can also undo it by your conscious intent.

Your inner connection to Source.

Negativity always has a positive side of the coin.

Start by finding the positive of this outcome.


Start by asking:

 ‘What am I learning now that I am caught in this particular limitation?’

‘How can I resolve this situation?’

‘How can I benefit fully from this negative situation?’


Even death is a perfect moment if you are willing to not judge.

Stay neutral, and become an observer.

To allow. To embrace the unknown with the same enthusiasm as you embrace what you could consider wonderful news or an exciting experience.

Being neutral is being in the moment now.

The breath.

The moment.

The value of this instant is indescribable in words.

How could you define the value of existence, of emotions, and of surrender to the moment?

It takes courage to stop and value the emptiness this creates.

It takes integrity to just be.

It takes humility.


Welcome moments of neutrality and emptiness.

They are doorways and portals to wisdom and knowledge for the Soul.

Embrace them as you would embrace your lover, the one who makes you feel that you are home.


We are content to help you all, dear ones, connect to your essence.

Your Soul’s heartbeat, that keeps on giving you aliveness and existence.


Be the one who is fearless, who accepts to impregnate these words in your life.


You are certainly aware of how short this existence in your vessel will be! Right?

If not, let us refresh your memory.

 Your existence in a vessel is less than a fraction of a second in the larger scale of eternity.

So, let go of ideas and accept your limitations.


The same energy you are giving to fear, use it to connect to Source.

 Ask for connection and link yourself to Source.

 Become FEARLESS and experience the freedom this will give you.


Blessings to all who read these words.”


 The Council of AR

September 19, 2021