The Medicine

(Channeling my beautiful lady ancestor and helping Spirits)


This is the medicine you need today! 

 She shows me an orange, and we peel it.

The little holes in the skin are very fragrant when the oil comes out!

She shows me the slices and peels layers of whitish skins, holding each slice in her hand. 

Now I see each little pocket that contains the medicine. 

Each pocket represents each day of my life.

 Each one is bursting with live medicine!

Just like each pocket will do when opened, Joy is delivered.

The medicine is so vibrant, so alive!

Waiting to be opened for pure enjoyment!

The flavors, the freshness of each day, each contained a slightly different shape. 

Each is different than the other.

She holds a little pocket through the light and I see how beautiful and alive the medicine is inside.


“How filled with Joy and nutrition each day of your life can be, contained in such beauty, in such Joy!

Do not try to change anything that can be happening, 

do not manipulate,

but simply allow yourself to be contained in this beauty, in this perfection.

The world may seem to you, out of balance, out of order.

But do you really see every little slice that exists for each individual, or not? 

You cannot just listen to the news portrayed by the media or friends and relatives.

 There are many other little miracles allowing themselves to unfold while you sleep or while you orchestrate your own day.


Your fears, your sorrows only remain in your energy.

 You cannot really experience anyone else day or moment.

 This is an illusion. 


Just continue to place an intention of Balance, Light, and Truth for the whole galaxy and then, back off!

 Let the intention simmer and allow the flavors of the intention to start to resonate for each being that opens their hearts.

 Do not manipulate using your intellect or ideas. 

Just be present in your intention.

 The life source energy knows how to deliver this powerful medicine to each molecule that contains life.


 Even the molecules that live in the air. 

The viruses will do a great job of helping propagate this beautiful intention within their tiny capsules. 

Allow the intention to move and spread with the wind. 

You are just one tiny molecule.

 Your life is just an instant in the immensity of what you are trying to tap into.  

Just be present and understand with humility the tiny self that you are within the universe.


We honor your efforts and sprinkle your essence with the most delightful blessings.  

Be the solution, embody the solution.

 No need for more.

Everything is in perfect order.

 Everything is orchestrated to perfection. 

 The yearning of those who are activating Balance, Light, and Truth are working to balance this galaxy, and efforts are not in vain.

 We receive and multiply them like magic!

Rest and accept.

At this second, after reading these words that carry the frequencies of our blessings, each one of your molecules is being activated to receive this most benevolent and nourishing blessing. 

You are to read these messages often. 

As much as Sandra’s vessel can prepare to receive and spread. 

We are training many to also do this passage of words, symbols, and deliverance.

Enjoy being a receiver. 


We also need to give a message that is very important during these times.

 We will start to teach you how to become neutral. 

This will take most importance during these times.

 Blessings to all who read these words.”


The Council of AR

September 15, 2021