“The burning tree trunk hit by lightning….

“The burning tree trunk hit by lightning has its place in all creation.

It will provide a nesting environment for many creatures, in time.

So, allow nature to work for all.

You are not the sole inhabitants,

the center of creation, or the most important, as you tend to decree!

You are the servants of Mother Nature,


 because of your kind hearts,

can be in allowance of her Spirit to shine for all, and to nurture all with her bountiful gifts.

To nourish all.

Be the one who leads with your kindness,


focus on what is the most desirable


Be the servant to the beggar.

Be the lullaby to the suffering animal.

Be the water to the thirsty.

Be the kind hands that help the weak.

Be the leader to the lost ones. 

But most of all,

be silent in your actions so that the ego does not wake up!

Work at night in the secrecy of the dark sky.

Be humble with your use of words.

Celebrate the accomplishments of all, through silence and gratitude.”

Channeling SUNYMOON crystal