The iceberg

“From the outside, one can only see the tip of the iceberg, not enabling vision to have access to the underwater,

the out-of-sight enormity of the iceberg’s entire beautiful shape and powerful filled body.

One must never judge by the tip of the iceberg what lies beneath or in this case what is the entire story of each soul, unknown to all who have proximity and to the soul its self.

This discovery will be millimeter at a time, within each breath.

 The iceberg contains the whole of the soul, the tip only contains the few tiny bits that are at play at that moment in time.

 Allow nature to show you how it is done by your observations on its many reminders that can give you insight into how the play works.

You are all blind until you unveil the mysteries, each breath at a time.

 May your container or vessel merge with the divineness presence that inhabits each one of your molecules.

 May this merging show you the magic!“ 

The council of AR