What does transmutation mean?  I ask

“Transmutation is a way to go much deeper and expand your capabilities, solve your own life’s mysteries,

and access knowledge.

Each one has an open vault of endless knowledge that perhaps has not been accessed due to fear of the unknown, worries of tomorrow, or simply because of giving priority to all that has not been achieved or experienced yet. 

It is crucial to know yourself.

It is important to peel the layers and slowly, respectfully, encounter the real essence of your Soul’s heart, self-knowledge, memories, and healing medicine.

It is most valuable for each human being incarnated on Planet Earth at this moment in time to work on themselves and find ways to go inside.

This can be done in so many ways. 

It can be through contemplation, painting, walking, singing, dancing, and primarily through breath.

What could be of more value than these moments of transformations and of transmutations inside one’s heart, especially at this very moment in time when Planet Earth is going through immense shifts and changes?

It is important for each human Soul to find ways to reach within their own core, their own essence, and allow themselves to have their own visions, their own epiphanies, and understandings.

It is vital to give yourself this time daily.

We suggest that you stop what you’re doing and allow a few minutes, to just focus on breathing and simple moments of nothingness where the heart and the Soul find each other through the breath. 

For a few seconds, in between each breath, there is a moment of nothingness. 

We assure you that in that nothingness, is the portal you need to activate.


This portal is right there in that instant of nothingness where there are no words, there are no sounds, and there is nothing more than the essence of you being alive. 

This moment of nothingness is your opening! 

That is the portal! That is the doorway that will take you deep inside yourself.

In that nothingness exists everything. 

Find yourself in that nothingness. 

Find yourself comfortable in that place where you just exist.

Become the feeling machine that your vessel is made for.

You are not here to accomplish important tasks that will leave behind your name inscribed on stone. 

You are simply here to experience the ALL that you are, the incredible beauty that you are. 

This beauty does not need to be shared or noticed, it can only be felt. 

It can only be stored inside your heart. 

It can only be accessed and explored within your next breath. 

How marvelous it is that a human vessel, in order to have life, needs breath. 

You are so impeccably well manufactured, that in order to stay alive, the human vessel needs to breathe, and in that breath, exists the portal, for you and for all to experience the essence of who you are.

The message that we want to give today is about transmutation, to transmute, to go through. 

To go through that veil and explore the inner realms, the inner Universes that exist within.

Do not fear these beautiful Universes.

These Universes are your true home, where the Peace that you are looking for resides.

Allow yourself to relax, breathe in silence and go within. 

Explore the inner realms of your own core, of your own essence. 


You’re all capable of doing this with ease and comfort. 


Many are wanting to learn to meditate, but meditation does not exist. 

What does exist is an inner palace inside of you that is as real as you are, 

and that can be accessed through each breath, within a few seconds of nothingness in between each breath.

This is your portal, this is the entrance to your inner realm. 

The more you give it your focus, the easier it will become, 

and you will get used to it very soon and will be capable of doing this with ease and comfort. 

We are eager to show you how to access these inner worlds, that maybe you have not yet explored.

Each human being is alive because of this breath coming in and going out. 

So all human beings are able to use breath as a portal to journey inside. 

And what is inside? Well, inside of you is all the information you seek. 

Accessing that information keeps you balanced and keeps you in Peace. 


This information is meant to be felt.  

As much as you always want to use your intellect, your intellect cannot be used by itself. It needs to be fueled by feeling.

Feelings are your fuel.

Let us give you an example;

If you needed to do an important phone call, let’s say a business phone call, 

wouldn’t it be better first to take a moment to explore the inner realms 

and know by feeling when it is adequate to reach out to another human being.


Everything that you do in your daily life can be done better when it is done through this portal. 

You will learn, through this transmutation to access what you like to call telepathy, which we call know-how. 

Without the connection to your Spirit, the vessel will stay empty.

Empty of this know-how. 

You are incapable of finding these inner realms through the intellect.

Do not waste your time and fool yourselves.


Please allow your heart to connect to the immensity of the Universe through your breath.

This is the way you were made to function. Thank you.”


 Channeling received on November 6, 2022

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