What are Harry&Meghan creating at this time?

What are Harry and Meghan creating at this time?

“They are a catalyst for the evolution on Planet Earth.

Their Soul’s contracts are playing an important part in balancing justice

in order for humans to continue their evolution.

Friction is a way that can create change in order for growth to happen.

They are only players in a random theater play that needs to occur for the benefit of all,

for the benefit of Earth’s evolution.

 Their public figures are of use at this moment in time for the world to evolve

and prepare for a more just evolution for human beings.

They must play their roles of victims in order

for their Souls to come around and learn

that being or accepting a victim’s role will entail much more controversy in their lives

then the progress they would have acquired for their Souls from

accepting their own painful circumstances.

 What goodness can a victim role gain you?

 The color of the skin or race of a human being only comes from the diversity of seeding

that was done millions of years ago by the ancient civilizations that first populated this Earth.

 It would be more advantageous for them to earn respect from their willingness

to portray their happiness and engagement to love all,

including each royal family member and each member of the UK parliament,

and show them that love is the winner.

Humans are only playing roles in order to make evolution continue to happen.

 No one is a victim, each person has a role to play and each role must be taken into consideration.

 Diana knew her role as a Queen of hearts, and her death was fulfilled in perfect time, not a second in delay.

 She had the role that she had accepted to portray.

 When the concept of good and bad rules humans, confusion spreads more confusion.

Acceptance of darkness is needed in everyone’s life.

 No matter how public or insignificant a life can look, the players always play the same game of duality

so that evolution can continue as it is meant to continue.

Stop judging with your limited brains.

Always focus your thoughts on the lessons you are learning and the attainment of clarity.

 All is well at all times.

 Only a heart focused on its own connection to Source can obtain the contentment it is looking for.

 All dramas seem so petty and irrelevant when the heart is in the state of connection to Source.

Every day connect to the inner link that directly connects you to Source in every instance.

 Do not be lured by ongoing dramas that are being played left and right.

Stay focused on the immense opportunity that is being offered to you at this moment in time.

You are alive, you are breathing.

Stay focused on feeling this aliveness

and the possibility of feeling CRYSTAL-CLEAR JOY! Blessings to all. “


December 8th, 2022.


All Channelings between Sandra Müller and THE COUNCIL of AR are Copyright ©

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