what is free will

What is FREE WILL?

Each minute and second, the desires felt during your days push you forward to create new paths. 
That pull, that push, that desire, is the will that takes you places and gives you
the physical and mental energy to accomplish every task. 
From the smallest to the most difficult task. 
 FREE WILL is your freedom of speech, thoughts, and actions. 
You are a Soul encased inside a body for a limited time. 
You have been given all the tools to succeed and embody the ultimate prize, JOY! Pure and simple JOY. 
Yes, there will be many difficulties in your life. 
These are depending on your karmic stories and debts. 
Imagine that you are navigating blindfolded through your life’s journey. Yes, you will fall. 
Yes, when the ego wakes up again, readjustments will be needed, but you are never left alone, uncared for, never. 
This is impossible since We, The Power of ALL, reside inside each one of your cells.
We do not exist on the outside. 
We reside inside your breath, inside your cells where you are granted
Life Force, without whom you could not exist in a physical body.
FREE WILL is also your instinctual gift and your compass. 
FREE WILL creates unique adventures on your life’s path. 
Every being alive has FREE WILL, not just humans. 
FREE WILL is your ultimate gift, your protection, and your connection to Source. 
The stronger your connection to Source, the more protection and JOY can be yours. 
It is always up to you to choose your point of view.
Imagine you were incarcerated, even during those terrifying moments,
you will still have FREE WILL to ask for detachment from pain and sorrow. 
During painful moments, a being can still experience FREE WILL, connected to breath as long as that breath exists. 
We would like to inspire you each second to search for the deepest connection to Source, in your breath.
Connect to your own Power through your breath. 
You are capable to access immense Power through your conscious breath. 
So much Power that you’re even able to disconnect from the body if the pain is too strong. 
You are the ruler of your own Power. We are your servants. 
We, The Universal Intelligence, are here to serve you always. 
We are The Power of The Universe, concentrated in each conscious breath.
We wish you well! Always. 
FREE WILL is your birthright. It is always up to you.

March 8. 2023.

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