The nature of a human being

What is the true nature of a human being?

What is the true nature of a human being?

“The true nature of a human being is to explore the various experiences that are available in human form.

This entails:

 Encountering fears, solving problems with the dynamic of creativity, restoring the link to universal laws, and

working within those universal laws.

 Accepting the challenges as opportunities to reach higher learnings, within the capacities

structured and limited by the contracts made before birth.

 Also, by the limitations of pre-ordained accountabilities like personality, intelligence,

ego percentage, emotional maturity, and aperture in various natural abilities given to each soul as a gift from

the divine source, for the purpose of soul evolution.

Not every soul takes on the same challenges at the same time periods.

 There is every nuance happening at the same time and in the same year time period.

So that all is mixed up, and this allows vessels in human form to have all dramas occurring at the same time.

 What an interesting mix of experiences activated during the same time!”


Why is there always so much suffering?

“Because there could not be evolution under utopian experiences. 

 The vessel or human body is always allowed to experience completion and integration of very high frequency,

blissful and very powerful moments of connection, that in its-self, configure the fuel needed to understand and

accept the challenges.

There also needs to be souls that accepted horrific lives, due to not only karmic debts but to help others see where

good and bad resides.

Thank you. This transmission is completed for today.”

The Council of AR

Channeling done on September 3, 2021