Love is the highest frequency available to all living beings on planet Earth.

It is love that restores and heals the cells and energizes your body.
Compassion, kindness, and charisma all derive from Love.

The charm and magnetism of an individual arise from the love frequency they allow and incorporate into their being.

Hate being the opposite of Love, carries the opposite characteristics. So be aware of your language when using the word hate, you are augmenting those negative frequencies and vibrations onto your cells.

Saying “I Love You” has no power, but offering the frequency of the love you feel has the power to heal, transform, and transmute all.

The frequency of the resonance and vibration that emanates from that feeling is what transcends distances and obstacles.

Imagine a ripple effect resonating the love sent to a cherished one, an animal, a nation, and all living creatures on Earth.

The power of Love is in its vibration and can only be felt.

Animals instinctively master this by discerning whom to welcome into their space before emanating their love.

The enchantment of Love’s frequency unfolds within the silence and the rhythm of every breath.
The Council of AR

* This channeled transmission was received by Sandra Muller on February 21, 2024, during the daily CCHE session.
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