Your Allowance

“The allowance of your higher intelligence plays a significant role from now on.

Yes, you are being upgraded if you choose to embark on this new adventure.
The time for a total Soul reconciliation is coming to fruition in the months to come and will give you the chance to shed your old self and encounter the true self that you are.

Your allowance is fundamental to activating this process.
Ask yourself if you’re willing to be a part of it.

Am I willing to undergo this shift of consciousness?
Am I in agreement through my own free will?
Am I open to it, or do I feel involuntarily pushed down this new direction?
Am I willing to contribute to this New World of interdimensional beings whom my Soul and Spirit are part of?
Are all the fragments that constitute the ME that I AM today in alignment with this New Shift of direction into the New World?

My free will is always available if I choose to use it.
Other options are always also available.

What are the fears that are holding me back?
What is my true decision?
What are my needs?
What can I offer my Soul today to have it at ease with the fluctuation life is offering me?
How can I discover my Soul contract?

Allowance with openness and trust are needed to reveal the paths not yet discovered.

You might want to spend a few minutes in silence visualizing your entire being into a total disposition of allowance.

See yourself disintegrating into thin air and being reshaped again.
This dismemberment will activate a new subtle openness to your unique Soul Mission.
The shedding of old ways that block you from receiving and embodying your new self, will help you to understand that your old self is no longer in alignment with today’s activation given on planet Earth.
The New ways are coming.
Admire the process of discovery without your preconceived ideas.

What is your relationship with yourself?
How much do you know yourself?
Are you willing to see yourself as you are, not the egotistical vision that you have created of yourself?
Your true self, your true essence is more magnificent than anything you can imagine. And that pure essence of who you are is your gift to unwrap and discover.
Allow yourself on this courageous day, to ask The Universe to show you who YOU are.

Then you will have tapped into what you call unconditional love which is truly your potential put in action.
Be mesmerized by the beauty that makes YOU a living being.
Enter the realm of LOVE.
Let the river of LOVE bathe YOU from the inside out.”
The Council of AR

*This Channeled transmission was received by Sandra Muller on February 15, 2024 during the CCHE daily healing.