A New Dawn

“As a new dawn comes, also new opportunities arise.
Allow yourself to accept these new experiences or unknown emotions.
Even when everything does not align with your needs, know that you are where you are for reasons. You might not understand every moment of your day or why you have limitations.
But know that these limitations can also be protections.
Not everything you desire is for your highest good, The Universe knows best.
Allow yourself to flow with the currents of life.
Do not persist in having things go your own way.
Admire the breath coming to keep you alive.
Admire life.
Admire beauty.
Place yourself in a state of total admiration.
And if you are living in unsurmountable pain, know that you have the innate tools inside your heart to overcome these difficulties.
No matter how difficult life can get, your next breath can bring you the comfort you need. Connect to your breath and follow each breath as it lifts and lowers.
Each breath carries The Medicine for your heart.
The balm of life resides in each moment of contemplation.
Aligning with The Divine Existence created by each breath is your key to fulfillment. With love,”
The Council of AR

* This channeled transmission was received by Sandra Muller as a gift from The Council of AR during the daily CCHE virtual healing session on January 14, 2024.
CRYSTAL CLEAR HEALING ENERGY (CCHE) is a daily international 15-minute healing that Sandra Muller provides through a subscription.
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