Predictions for 2024

“2024 will be a turning point

for human beings alive

on planet Earth.

“There is nothing to fear, everything to gain.
The subconscious will reveal a new extraordinary field of information for the ones open to access this knowledge.
Decree that you are available to enter the realms of this new life on Earth.
It will be so gentle for those who embark.
Decree your willingness with these simple words”

The Council of AR

“I (name), born on (date), I am allowing my higher self to access this otherwise unattainable information.
I am offering myself to be of service to humanity in the most honest and pure way.
My light frequency is accessible to all who allow such information to be available to their Souls as well.
I commit to walking this Earth with an open heart, ready to deliver to others higher and clearer coordinates of Divine knowledge.
I am one with The Universe, in total faith and trust.
Fear is no longer in my field.
I make myself available to the New Earth’s energy to merge in me.
Thank you”

This transmission was givenĀ  to Sandra Muller by The Council of AR during the daily CCHE healing on December 29, 2023