The Spirit of The Central Sun wants to speak.

“Anxiety is a normal cycle during existence. Human beings are conditioned by their states of anxiety.
Most days these are low but when anxiety takes over the energy field of a being, then the nervous system is on overload and the functioning of a balanced state of being is not available.”
What causes anxiety?
“Human beings are antennas and are constantly receiving and downloading information. Any unfinished business can cause anxiety.
The human vessel is 90% water and therefore it is very sensitive to the information that is downloaded in this water.
As you already know, water is capable of imprinting information from sound or visuals. When the state of anxiety is permissible in the body, the easiest way to re-balance is to drink a glass of water.
Before drinking it place your hands on the glass and with a pure heart and a strong intention say these words out loud. Visualize the water receiving your prayer and intention.

“I am a child of The Universe I have come here to live in harmony with planet Earth and all living species on Earth.
I am in the process of activating journeys and lessons, and some of these scare me. I have total confidence that I am being guided and protected.
Please take me through this journey on paths of least resistance and more enjoyment.
I am of service to others and others love me and give me a helping hand when I need support.
I am in total confidence of this natural process for my own survival and well-being. I am here to have an experience of joy and so be it.
Thank you for always supporting my endeavors and guiding me throughout my journey of life. My existence is filled with love and care.
I am always supported by my loving and compassionate helping Spirits.
My anxiety is just an illusion and can dissolve now.
It is done!”
The Spirit of The Central Sun