The Golden Sword


What is this symbol for?

β€œIt is the symbol of conquering, of winning over, of the victory accessed when your intention is strong.

If you want to heal a part of you that is weak and stubborn, that does not want to change or evolve, you can close your eyes and look at this symbol with your strong eye, the third eye. This is the eye that sees through any resistance that you’re still encountering.

The golden sword can break through this resistance, this block. It is always ready for you to use it. See yourself as a warrior, fearless, and open to manifest change in your life. Remember you are the powerful one, you have been given LIFE! This means that you are ALIVE! Your vessel is ALIVE! Life inhabits inside your cells, this is not a small thing!

In the same way that WE see your lights shine bright while you connect through CCHE to Source, we see that your light is lit, and we are connected to you, now envision that your connection is stronger during these 15 minutes because of your strong intention, but eventually, you will learn to keep this connection 24/7.

This sword is the symbol of your victory!

You are alive! Just feel your cells tingling and know that The Universe has your back!

Manifestation of health and abundance can only happen when your inner light is lit.

So get in the habit of keeping your light fully lit, so that The Universe can connect to you and grant you to manifest your desires.

This frequency that we call AR is the frequency of aliveness, of interdimensional connection through your conscious breath. So, keep your light lit.

As simple as that!

Become the warrior of your own life and use your golden sword to gain knowledge, and insight and to cut through the illusions that you perceive as reality.

The only real thing is your connection to life itself through your breath, the same breath that keeps you alive.

Be the one who conquers all your potential.

with love,”

The Council of AR

This transmission was received on December 21, 2023, during the CCHE session.