The Lotus

“We can open you like a lotus flower that portraitures much beauty and yet is enclaved in dirt and thick contaminated roots. We can show you how to become the purest manifestation of your own beauty. It just takes trust and conscious moments of allowance for these manifestations to take place. Reach out to the stars and ask for our immediate downloads of re-birthing all of your segments that have been lost, forgotten or dismissed by you. You are more than the vessel you see in the mirror. We want to give you back all your completed segments. We have kept them safe for you for your moment of return to soul, but we are explaining that you can regain them while you are incarnated, and therefore you will feel complete, wholesome and blessed.”

Channeling with the Council of AR

What if I lose my AR crystal?

“Losing a crystal is often an exchange of that frequency needing to work on another person. Allowing nature’s flow, give and take, brings more abundance to your field. Understand that the universe always has your best interest at hand. Love is always the essence of livelihood.”

Channeling with the Council of AR

How would I describe my work as an animal communicator?

I would describe it as someone who can, through telepathy see, hear and understand messages that a soul can have. Direct revelation and communication during an altered state of consciousness induced by the repetitive sound of a drum, rattle or deep meditation. This ability is a simple gift to my soul and I do this out of love and respect towards my fellow human beings and our beloved animal companions. I therefore can receive impressions as images, videos or verbal words that can become phrases. As a trained Shamanic practitioner, I am able to allow and transfer healing frequencies to be downloaded for a physical, emotional or spiritual healing for that soul. This work is always focused on help and healing. Sandra Müller

What is Altus-Reciproximity™ (AR)?

“Altus-Reciproximity™ is bringing to proximity the frequency of higher being’s intelligence, protection and JOY!

It creates a field of magnetic resonance, auric field stability and repair of traumatic moments endured in past or future times. As well as building a grounding force for the human vessel that will be exposed to this frequency, and humbled by the immense capacity quartz crystal has to imprint this joyous information in the human vessel’s molecules."

Channeling with the Council of AR

What is the role of humanity on planet earth?

“Evolution, systematic conscious evolution towards human amplitude and connection to the heart. Humans are the only beings that can experience courage, artistic creativity and emotions.

Emotion is a quality of humans.  Courage to surpass problems by connecting to creative exploration. Humans are star beings that lead the way to the emotions and heart-felt love. This is the ultimate possibility of the soul’s expansions. Aperture of the heart. Assemblage of telepathic visions. When all these qualities align, there can be evolution for the soul. Evolution for the heart with love and JOY!"

 Channeling with the Council of AR

The possession of a Love a Crystal Quartz

“The possession of a Love a Crystal Quartz is like accepting an element of reconciliation of all your bodies. The ones that lived in your soul many times on this planet earth and the ones that lived in Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion and other planets.
Only by accepting an attunement of all your parts or segments, all of you can be aligned to manifestations of the divine in you.
The source of all your qualities and an expansion of your ultimate creation.
The YOU that really lives in you.
The one who is your best ally, your best friend, your part of consolidated light.
You exist due to the life force of this beating heart. When you connect to this life force within you, you then exist! Co-creating with all universal creations. Your full potential, your full power revealed.
Bathe in this light of the divine essence in you. Ignite the crystals!”
 Channeling with the Council of AR

Dolores Cannon. The Convoluted Universe: Book One (pp. 240-241). Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.

Dolores Cannon transcript during hypnotic session with “Phil”.

This session is regarding the uses of crystals during Atlantean times.

Phil: There are far more uses for crystals than is available now to your human comprehension. That which is unknown far exceeds that which is known. However, when your level of awareness increases to accept and accommodate these realities, then the uses will be manifest. It can be seen that quartz in some form magnifies and intensifies that energy which is human energy. We find here the translation is difficult, for the true energy concept is not understood. However, a blending of energies, both human and non-human is quite possible and readily accomplished with these crystals. They can be used as blenders and differentiators or separators, depending on the direction of the energy given by the person or persons using or directing this crystal. They are a filter, useful in many different ways, limited only by the imagination of those who would use them.

D: When you speak of a stone filtering cosmic rays, what would be the purpose of needing to filter cosmic rays?

P: There is the filtering and focusing, which can be separate or simultaneous. There are four specific reasons or purposes. Specific energies which are best suited. This would be for the filtering or focusing aspect. Focusing merely focuses or condenses the energies to one singular area. Different stones may do each or special stones may do both, depending on the purpose. The cosmic energies are a very powerful, as yet untouched, source of energy, which this planet has yet to discover; an abundant source of raw energy many millions of times more powerful than any raw materials here on this planet.

D: The problem is being able to uncover it.

P: The problem is raising the consciousness in order to accept the concept and simultaneously to sharpen the responsibility in order to use it. This energy was prevalent on this planet at one time, but through lack of responsibility the knowledge of its use was lost.

D: Was this at the time of Atlantis?

P: Yes, that is correct. Much was lost at that time. There was much misuse in the Atlantean times of many different types and forms of energies. For there was initially a high understanding of these energies which constitute physical reality. There was then the misuse of the understanding of these energies.

The Convoluted Universe –BOOK one Chapter 10

Dolores Cannon transcript during hypnotic session with “B”.

Life in Atlantis, galactic community, psychic abilities and crystallography science.

D: It appears they were very highly psychically developed.

B: Yes, but the destruction of Atlantis frightened them very much. It gave them the equivalent of a mental trauma. Like when an individual suffers a severe mental trauma in their younger life and it affects them the rest of their life, unless they become aware of it and work it through and resolve it. The entire human race received the equivalent. And also, the way in which Atlantis was destroyed, and the way the psychic focusing centers were destroyed, it gave everybody a temporary psychic burnout. It would be like accidentally seeing an explosion too closely and your eyes would be temporarily blinded.

D: And this affected them for several generations?

B: Yes. The ability was still there, it was just numbed for a while. Then it gradually started getting its feeling back. And it didn't take as long as you might think. But humankind in general subconsciously remembered this and so they avoided developing psychic abilities for several thousand years, afraid they would get burned again, so to speak.

D: That would make sense. Well, did they stay in that type of development for a long time?

B: Yes, that was the major impetus of their civilization. They used crystals for focusing certain types of energies, for contacting the galactic community. They could do it mentally, but to help amplify the mental energies they would use certain types of crystals. Their science of crystallography was extremely advanced.



D: You said they used this for contacting the galactic community?

B: Yes, for long range communication. Instead of sapping everybody's energy by tapping in on everyone's telepathic abilities, they would use these crystals. Because not everyone in the galactic community was attuned to this, it would be like trying to speak with a deaf person. One had to use a different means of communication.

D: And they understood the crystal communication?

B: Right. And so they would use the energies generated by the crystallography for interacting with the galactic community. It was complimentary and compatible to both their civilization and the various civilizations of the galactic community.

D: Could one person focus on these crystals or did it take many people?

B: One person could do it because these crystals could draw upon the various energies and energy fields of the Earth. Such as the electromagnetic fields, gravitation, sunlight, what-have-you. What needed to be done would depend on what kind of energy the crystals would draw upon. And there would be different types of crystals for different purposes. And some of these different types would be specialized for drawing upon certain kinds of energy.

D: Did they have to be carved a certain way or shaped a certain way?

B: Their molecular structures, the matrices, the latticework of the molecular structure would have to be designed in a certain way. And yes, many times the shape of the surface also had an effect. But they would start at the molecular level and do something similar to the crystals as they did to the rocks. They would alter the energy field so they could redesign the lattice work of the molecules so they would focus a particular energy in a particular way. And then reset the energy fields so it would stay that way.

D: Then this was how they formed certain shapes for different purposes?

B: Not shapes! The internal structure. The molecular structure of the crystal. And then, yes, they would alter the surface of this crystal to shape it the way it needed to be. But it was first important to get the internal structure, the molecular structure correct or you could do all the shaping in the world and do no good.

D: I thought it had something to do with the facets or the different shape how it would be focused.

B: You first have to get the molecular structure correct. It's like the structure of a snowflake, but carry it down into infinitely small levels of energy. And you must have all these shaped correctly, or it would do you no good.

D: Did it matter how large the crystal was?

B: It depended on what it was used for as to how large it would be or the shape of it ultimately. But their major concern was the molecular structure. And since they could control the molecular shape of these crystals, that's one reason their science of crystallography was so far advanced. And that's why they were able to use crystals for so many different purposes. Because they had specific controlled molecular structures, as well as controlled shapes or sizes.

D: I've always thought that the larger they were the more powerful they were.

B: Not necessarily. There was one crystal they had for focusing a particular type of energy that was about three inches long and very slender. It was lens shaped, pointed on both ends. And if you looked at it endwise, it had the shape of a five-pointed star or something similar. And it was only about an eighth of an inch across at its widest point. It was very slender, but it was a powerful crystal due to the type of energy it focused. I can't find the information of what it was used for, but I can see that shape of crystal.

D: I see. Then they had to be aware of the energy they wanted and what the different energies would do.

B: Exactly. I think you're beginning to see now. They had different crystals for focusing different kinds of energy for the different purposes. For example, they had certain types of crystals that could focus cosmic rays, and ultraviolet type radiation and starlight to make visible light at nighttime. And these crystals could also use infrared heat like from body heat to help make light at nighttime. Your archaeologists have found some of these crystals in the jungles of Central America. They have not been maintained in many centuries, yet they still glow at night and produce light, but not as clearly as they used to. And they appear to the archaeologists to be simple stone balls. They can't understand what they were for or how they worked, because these are a specialized type of crystal. They have found balls of different sizes. And there have been rumors about how they glow at night. That's why they are so prevalent and are found everywhere. In the places where they found them they were used for providing light at night. Like most civilizations there are things going on at night too, and you needed a fairly widespread source of artificial light.

D: They were like huge streetlights that illuminated the cities?

B: Yes. Street lights, interior lights, spot lights, depending on what kind of lighting was needed. And there were other types of crystals that radiated heat to help warm houses. So they did not have to cut down their forests to build fires. They could use these crystals instead and save the forests for articles of furniture, or simply for growing and oxygenating the air.


D: What types did they use in the houses for light?

B: Stone balls. They came in all sizes. And they have found them in all sizes in Central America. You personally have only heard of the large ones, but they have also found smaller ones about the size of a bowling ball or slightly smaller, that could be carried in two hands.

D: Those are stone, but you're calling them crystals.

B: As I have already said, your archaeologists call them stone because they appear to be stone, but they are a specialized type of crystal.

D: I think of crystal as the kind you can see through.

B: Some you can and some you can't. They are referred to as crystals not because of their outward appearance, but simply because of their molecular structure.

D: I see. Then these smaller stone balls were used for illumination in the houses?

B: Right. There would be a pedestal protruding from the wall that they could sit on. Or a type of holder in the ceiling much like a setting for a stone on your jewelry. There would be a setting, so to speak, like this, protruding from the ceiling where they could implant one of these balls, or more, depending upon what kind of arrangement they wanted.

D: Were the ones used for heating similar?

B: They had a different structure and so they appeared differently. They would come closer to looking like your perception of crystals. And they could be obtained in different colors according to how they wanted to fit in with their interior decor. And they could do one thing with the light balls which you have not thought of. Since the balls came in different sizes, they could get some that were very small, say, one to two inches across. And make them into a pretty arrangement, as a decoration as well as a source of light.


Cannon, Dolores. The Convoluted Universe: Book One (pp. 187-191). Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.