Love is the highest frequency available to all living beings on planet Earth.

It is love that restores and heals the cells and energizes your body.
Compassion, kindness, and charisma all derive from Love.

The charm and magnetism of an individual arise from the love frequency they allow and incorporate into their being.

Hate being the opposite of Love, carries the opposite characteristics. So be aware of your language when using the word hate, you are augmenting those negative frequencies and vibrations onto your cells.

Saying “I Love You” has no power, but offering the frequency of the love you feel has the power to heal, transform, and transmute all.

The frequency of the resonance and vibration that emanates from that feeling is what transcends distances and obstacles.

Imagine a ripple effect resonating the love sent to a cherished one, an animal, a nation, and all living creatures on Earth.

The power of Love is in its vibration and can only be felt.

Animals instinctively master this by discerning whom to welcome into their space before emanating their love.

The enchantment of Love's frequency unfolds within the silence and the rhythm of every breath.
The Council of AR

* This channeled transmission was received by Sandra Muller on February 21, 2024, during the daily CCHE session.
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Your Allowance

“The allowance of your higher intelligence plays a significant role from now on.

Yes, you are being upgraded if you choose to embark on this new adventure.
The time for a total Soul reconciliation is coming to fruition in the months to come and will give you the chance to shed your old self and encounter the true self that you are.

Your allowance is fundamental to activating this process.
Ask yourself if you're willing to be a part of it.

Am I willing to undergo this shift of consciousness?
Am I in agreement through my own free will?
Am I open to it, or do I feel involuntarily pushed down this new direction?
Am I willing to contribute to this New World of interdimensional beings whom my Soul and Spirit are part of?
Are all the fragments that constitute the ME that I AM today in alignment with this New Shift of direction into the New World?

My free will is always available if I choose to use it.
Other options are always also available.

What are the fears that are holding me back?
What is my true decision?
What are my needs?
What can I offer my Soul today to have it at ease with the fluctuation life is offering me?
How can I discover my Soul contract?

Allowance with openness and trust are needed to reveal the paths not yet discovered.

You might want to spend a few minutes in silence visualizing your entire being into a total disposition of allowance.

See yourself disintegrating into thin air and being reshaped again.
This dismemberment will activate a new subtle openness to your unique Soul Mission.
The shedding of old ways that block you from receiving and embodying your new self, will help you to understand that your old self is no longer in alignment with today's activation given on planet Earth.
The New ways are coming.
Admire the process of discovery without your preconceived ideas.

What is your relationship with yourself?
How much do you know yourself?
Are you willing to see yourself as you are, not the egotistical vision that you have created of yourself?
Your true self, your true essence is more magnificent than anything you can imagine. And that pure essence of who you are is your gift to unwrap and discover.
Allow yourself on this courageous day, to ask The Universe to show you who YOU are.

Then you will have tapped into what you call unconditional love which is truly your potential put in action.
Be mesmerized by the beauty that makes YOU a living being.
Enter the realm of LOVE.
Let the river of LOVE bathe YOU from the inside out.”
The Council of AR

*This Channeled transmission was received by Sandra Muller on February 15, 2024 during the CCHE daily healing.

Your Pot of Gold

Manifesting riches, abundance, and inner contentment.

The experience of "The Sublime Union" is the greatest way to manifest ALL.
That is your real pot of gold. The gold that you can carry with you regarding any circumstance, dilemma, or situation.
This gold illuminates your inner being like nothing else can. The protection you seek on the outside needs to come from the inside.
Life is an inner journey of discovery and joy. Outer circumstances will come and go.
Things need to be taken care of in the tangible reality to keep your anxiety level leveraged so that you do not give your fullest attention to anxiety, anguish, and despair.
Clarity of thought and actions can only be downloaded when inner stillness exceeds the outer confusing circumstances, emotions, and ongoing drama.
The current momentum Earth is experiencing is characterized by intense tension and anxiety.
It takes courage and focus to navigate the inner realms with immense compassion for self. Self-awareness is the fuel that can lead you to inner calm and prosperity.
That inner know-how can lead you back to your pot of gold.
Don't give up!
We honor your courage and integrity.
Thank you, The Council of AR


* This channeled transmission was received by Sandra Muller on February 1, 2024, during the daily CCHE session.
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Predictions for 2024

"2024 will be a turning point

for human beings alive

on planet Earth.

"There is nothing to fear, everything to gain.
The subconscious will reveal a new extraordinary field of information for the ones open to access this knowledge.
Decree that you are available to enter the realms of this new life on Earth.
It will be so gentle for those who embark.
Decree your willingness with these simple words"

The Council of AR

"I (name), born on (date), I am allowing my higher self to access this otherwise unattainable information.
I am offering myself to be of service to humanity in the most honest and pure way.
My light frequency is accessible to all who allow such information to be available to their Souls as well.
I commit to walking this Earth with an open heart, ready to deliver to others higher and clearer coordinates of Divine knowledge.
I am one with The Universe, in total faith and trust.
Fear is no longer in my field.
I make myself available to the New Earth's energy to merge in me.
Thank you"

This transmission was given  to Sandra Muller by The Council of AR during the daily CCHE healing on December 29, 2023

A New Dawn

“As a new dawn comes, also new opportunities arise.
Allow yourself to accept these new experiences or unknown emotions.
Even when everything does not align with your needs, know that you are where you are for reasons. You might not understand every moment of your day or why you have limitations.
But know that these limitations can also be protections.
Not everything you desire is for your highest good, The Universe knows best.
Allow yourself to flow with the currents of life.
Do not persist in having things go your own way.
Admire the breath coming to keep you alive.
Admire life.
Admire beauty.
Place yourself in a state of total admiration.
And if you are living in unsurmountable pain, know that you have the innate tools inside your heart to overcome these difficulties.
No matter how difficult life can get, your next breath can bring you the comfort you need. Connect to your breath and follow each breath as it lifts and lowers.
Each breath carries The Medicine for your heart.
The balm of life resides in each moment of contemplation.
Aligning with The Divine Existence created by each breath is your key to fulfillment. With love,”
The Council of AR

* This channeled transmission was received by Sandra Muller as a gift from The Council of AR during the daily CCHE virtual healing session on January 14, 2024.
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The Spirit of The Central Sun wants to speak.

“Anxiety is a normal cycle during existence. Human beings are conditioned by their states of anxiety.
Most days these are low but when anxiety takes over the energy field of a being, then the nervous system is on overload and the functioning of a balanced state of being is not available.”
What causes anxiety?
“Human beings are antennas and are constantly receiving and downloading information. Any unfinished business can cause anxiety.
The human vessel is 90% water and therefore it is very sensitive to the information that is downloaded in this water.
As you already know, water is capable of imprinting information from sound or visuals. When the state of anxiety is permissible in the body, the easiest way to re-balance is to drink a glass of water.
Before drinking it place your hands on the glass and with a pure heart and a strong intention say these words out loud. Visualize the water receiving your prayer and intention.

“I am a child of The Universe I have come here to live in harmony with planet Earth and all living species on Earth.
I am in the process of activating journeys and lessons, and some of these scare me. I have total confidence that I am being guided and protected.
Please take me through this journey on paths of least resistance and more enjoyment.
I am of service to others and others love me and give me a helping hand when I need support.
I am in total confidence of this natural process for my own survival and well-being. I am here to have an experience of joy and so be it.
Thank you for always supporting my endeavors and guiding me throughout my journey of life. My existence is filled with love and care.
I am always supported by my loving and compassionate helping Spirits.
My anxiety is just an illusion and can dissolve now.
It is done!”
The Spirit of The Central Sun


The Golden Sword


What is this symbol for?

“It is the symbol of conquering, of winning over, of the victory accessed when your intention is strong.

If you want to heal a part of you that is weak and stubborn, that does not want to change or evolve, you can close your eyes and look at this symbol with your strong eye, the third eye. This is the eye that sees through any resistance that you're still encountering.

The golden sword can break through this resistance, this block. It is always ready for you to use it. See yourself as a warrior, fearless, and open to manifest change in your life. Remember you are the powerful one, you have been given LIFE! This means that you are ALIVE! Your vessel is ALIVE! Life inhabits inside your cells, this is not a small thing!

In the same way that WE see your lights shine bright while you connect through CCHE to Source, we see that your light is lit, and we are connected to you, now envision that your connection is stronger during these 15 minutes because of your strong intention, but eventually, you will learn to keep this connection 24/7.

This sword is the symbol of your victory!

You are alive! Just feel your cells tingling and know that The Universe has your back!

Manifestation of health and abundance can only happen when your inner light is lit.

So get in the habit of keeping your light fully lit, so that The Universe can connect to you and grant you to manifest your desires.

This frequency that we call AR is the frequency of aliveness, of interdimensional connection through your conscious breath. So, keep your light lit.

As simple as that!

Become the warrior of your own life and use your golden sword to gain knowledge, and insight and to cut through the illusions that you perceive as reality.

The only real thing is your connection to life itself through your breath, the same breath that keeps you alive.

Be the one who conquers all your potential.

with love,”

The Council of AR

This transmission was received on December 21, 2023, during the CCHE session.


restricted your fears of the future

"Restrict your fears of the future...

Restrict your fears of the future for a moment in time,
and accept the beauty that resides inside your hearts now. Point-blank!
You find controversy so alluring, this is an addiction like any other addiction!
Stay centered inside yourself,
and if you need to access information or ask a question regarding your life,
refocus your consciousness inside yourself, and ask;
Am I safe now? Am I centered? Am I present now? 
and if the answer is NO, stop everything, focus inside, and 
follow your breath back to your Heart Chakra.
In a few more breaths, ask the same question;
Am I safe now? You might notice a different answer.
Repeat if needed!
The Council of AR

Channeling transmission received by Sandra Müller on June 4, 2023
All Channelings offered here are copyright ©️

what is free will

What is FREE WILL?

Each minute and second, the desires felt during your days push you forward to create new paths. 
That pull, that push, that desire, is the will that takes you places and gives you
the physical and mental energy to accomplish every task. 
From the smallest to the most difficult task. 
 FREE WILL is your freedom of speech, thoughts, and actions. 
You are a Soul encased inside a body for a limited time. 
You have been given all the tools to succeed and embody the ultimate prize, JOY! Pure and simple JOY. 
Yes, there will be many difficulties in your life. 
These are depending on your karmic stories and debts. 
Imagine that you are navigating blindfolded through your life's journey. Yes, you will fall. 
Yes, when the ego wakes up again, readjustments will be needed, but you are never left alone, uncared for, never. 
This is impossible since We, The Power of ALL, reside inside each one of your cells.
We do not exist on the outside. 
We reside inside your breath, inside your cells where you are granted
Life Force, without whom you could not exist in a physical body.
FREE WILL is also your instinctual gift and your compass. 
FREE WILL creates unique adventures on your life’s path. 
Every being alive has FREE WILL, not just humans. 
FREE WILL is your ultimate gift, your protection, and your connection to Source. 
The stronger your connection to Source, the more protection and JOY can be yours. 
It is always up to you to choose your point of view.
Imagine you were incarcerated, even during those terrifying moments,
you will still have FREE WILL to ask for detachment from pain and sorrow. 
During painful moments, a being can still experience FREE WILL, connected to breath as long as that breath exists. 
We would like to inspire you each second to search for the deepest connection to Source, in your breath.
Connect to your own Power through your breath. 
You are capable to access immense Power through your conscious breath. 
So much Power that you're even able to disconnect from the body if the pain is too strong. 
You are the ruler of your own Power. We are your servants. 
We, The Universal Intelligence, are here to serve you always. 
We are The Power of The Universe, concentrated in each conscious breath.
We wish you well! Always. 
FREE WILL is your birthright. It is always up to you.

March 8. 2023.

All transmitted messages received by Sandra Müller are copyright © and should not be reproduced without permission.
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