Your Pot of Gold

Manifesting riches, abundance, and inner contentment.

The experience of “The Sublime Union” is the greatest way to manifest ALL.
That is your real pot of gold. The gold that you can carry with you regarding any circumstance, dilemma, or situation.
This gold illuminates your inner being like nothing else can. The protection you seek on the outside needs to come from the inside.
Life is an inner journey of discovery and joy. Outer circumstances will come and go.
Things need to be taken care of in the tangible reality to keep your anxiety level leveraged so that you do not give your fullest attention to anxiety, anguish, and despair.
Clarity of thought and actions can only be downloaded when inner stillness exceeds the outer confusing circumstances, emotions, and ongoing drama.
The current momentum Earth is experiencing is characterized by intense tension and anxiety.
It takes courage and focus to navigate the inner realms with immense compassion for self. Self-awareness is the fuel that can lead you to inner calm and prosperity.
That inner know-how can lead you back to your pot of gold.
Don’t give up!
We honor your courage and integrity.
Thank you, The Council of AR


* This channeled transmission was received by Sandra Muller on February 1, 2024, during the daily CCHE session.
CCHE is a daily 15-minute healing session available worldwide through an inexpensive subscription.
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