“Fear starts as conditioning from early days;

The fire burns, the plugs contain lethal electrical shocks, and the children of Biafra are dying of hunger, so eat everything that is on your plate!


This is an example of how early you start to embrace all the potential harming factors that you will later succumb to.

So, you are conditioned to disasters and lack.

Lack of health, lack of food, lack of love, and lack of money.


Most humans start their days with a determination to surpass these lacks.

The news and media make sure to embark you in fear, even if you think you are oblivious to it.

For you, fear of the unknown is as real as anything you do, see or touch.

But, realize these are just an illusion, created by your own subconscious mind.


Nothing has happened yet. Everything is most probably in order. And if it is not in perfect order, if you are overcoming terrible difficulties, there is still an order, eminent in those experiences.

Maybe a feeling of déjà vu, a feeling of knowing that you were going to encounter these moments because a part of you knows them so well.

That same part of you could be called your telepathic awareness, innate to all humans.


As much as you can grasp the fear in this experience of lack, you can also undo it by your conscious intent.

Your inner connection to Source.

Negativity always has a positive side of the coin.

Start by finding the positive of this outcome.


Start by asking:

 ‘What am I learning now that I am caught in this particular limitation?’

‘How can I resolve this situation?’

‘How can I benefit fully from this negative situation?’


Even death is a perfect moment if you are willing to not judge.

Stay neutral, and become an observer.

To allow. To embrace the unknown with the same enthusiasm as you embrace what you could consider wonderful news or an exciting experience.

Being neutral is being in the moment now.

The breath.

The moment.

The value of this instant is indescribable in words.

How could you define the value of existence, of emotions, and of surrender to the moment?

It takes courage to stop and value the emptiness this creates.

It takes integrity to just be.

It takes humility.


Welcome moments of neutrality and emptiness.

They are doorways and portals to wisdom and knowledge for the Soul.

Embrace them as you would embrace your lover, the one who makes you feel that you are home.


We are content to help you all, dear ones, connect to your essence.

Your Soul’s heartbeat, that keeps on giving you aliveness and existence.


Be the one who is fearless, who accepts to impregnate these words in your life.


You are certainly aware of how short this existence in your vessel will be! Right?

If not, let us refresh your memory.

 Your existence in a vessel is less than a fraction of a second in the larger scale of eternity.

So, let go of ideas and accept your limitations.


The same energy you are giving to fear, use it to connect to Source.

 Ask for connection and link yourself to Source.

 Become FEARLESS and experience the freedom this will give you.


Blessings to all who read these words.”


 The Council of AR

September 19, 2021









The Medicine

(Channeling my beautiful lady ancestor and helping Spirits)


This is the medicine you need today! 

 She shows me an orange, and we peel it.

The little holes in the skin are very fragrant when the oil comes out!

She shows me the slices and peels layers of whitish skins, holding each slice in her hand. 

Now I see each little pocket that contains the medicine. 

Each pocket represents each day of my life.

 Each one is bursting with live medicine!

Just like each pocket will do when opened, Joy is delivered.

The medicine is so vibrant, so alive!

Waiting to be opened for pure enjoyment!

The flavors, the freshness of each day, each contained a slightly different shape. 

Each is different than the other.

She holds a little pocket through the light and I see how beautiful and alive the medicine is inside.


“How filled with Joy and nutrition each day of your life can be, contained in such beauty, in such Joy!

Do not try to change anything that can be happening, 

do not manipulate,

but simply allow yourself to be contained in this beauty, in this perfection.

The world may seem to you, out of balance, out of order.

But do you really see every little slice that exists for each individual, or not? 

You cannot just listen to the news portrayed by the media or friends and relatives.

 There are many other little miracles allowing themselves to unfold while you sleep or while you orchestrate your own day.


Your fears, your sorrows only remain in your energy.

 You cannot really experience anyone else day or moment.

 This is an illusion. 


Just continue to place an intention of Balance, Light, and Truth for the whole galaxy and then, back off!

 Let the intention simmer and allow the flavors of the intention to start to resonate for each being that opens their hearts.

 Do not manipulate using your intellect or ideas. 

Just be present in your intention.

 The life source energy knows how to deliver this powerful medicine to each molecule that contains life.


 Even the molecules that live in the air. 

The viruses will do a great job of helping propagate this beautiful intention within their tiny capsules. 

Allow the intention to move and spread with the wind. 

You are just one tiny molecule.

 Your life is just an instant in the immensity of what you are trying to tap into.  

Just be present and understand with humility the tiny self that you are within the universe.


We honor your efforts and sprinkle your essence with the most delightful blessings.  

Be the solution, embody the solution.

 No need for more.

Everything is in perfect order.

 Everything is orchestrated to perfection. 

 The yearning of those who are activating Balance, Light, and Truth are working to balance this galaxy, and efforts are not in vain.

 We receive and multiply them like magic!

Rest and accept.

At this second, after reading these words that carry the frequencies of our blessings, each one of your molecules is being activated to receive this most benevolent and nourishing blessing. 

You are to read these messages often. 

As much as Sandra’s vessel can prepare to receive and spread. 

We are training many to also do this passage of words, symbols, and deliverance.

Enjoy being a receiver. 


We also need to give a message that is very important during these times.

 We will start to teach you how to become neutral. 

This will take most importance during these times.

 Blessings to all who read these words."


The Council of AR

September 15, 2021




The nature of a human being

What is the true nature of a human being?

What is the true nature of a human being?

“The true nature of a human being is to explore the various experiences that are available in human form.

This entails:

 Encountering fears, solving problems with the dynamic of creativity, restoring the link to universal laws, and

working within those universal laws.

 Accepting the challenges as opportunities to reach higher learnings, within the capacities

structured and limited by the contracts made before birth.

 Also, by the limitations of pre-ordained accountabilities like personality, intelligence,

ego percentage, emotional maturity, and aperture in various natural abilities given to each soul as a gift from

the divine source, for the purpose of soul evolution.

Not every soul takes on the same challenges at the same time periods.

 There is every nuance happening at the same time and in the same year time period.

So that all is mixed up, and this allows vessels in human form to have all dramas occurring at the same time.

 What an interesting mix of experiences activated during the same time!”


Why is there always so much suffering?

“Because there could not be evolution under utopian experiences. 

 The vessel or human body is always allowed to experience completion and integration of very high frequency,

blissful and very powerful moments of connection, that in its-self, configure the fuel needed to understand and

accept the challenges.

There also needs to be souls that accepted horrific lives, due to not only karmic debts but to help others see where

good and bad resides.

Thank you. This transmission is completed for today.”

The Council of AR

Channeling done on September 3, 2021






"I am the eclipse of the Sun hiding ...

" I am the eclipse of the Sun, hiding behind the Moon.

Giving a time of darkness,

a time of total stopping of all the elements,

before shinning my light back to all who listen with an open heart.

This silence, this darkness is necessary in order to advance in lessons.

One cannot always be in the light to perceive the lessons.

One has to embark in Soul pain, either mental, physical or emotional.

Feeling lost, so that you remember to ask for love, for light, for help.

Duality is the ranging force to all creation.

Death is inevitable in order to rebirth.

 The seed from the flower needs to lay dormant

in order to re-align its structure

and build enough life force, in order to connect to the universe and to the life force of the Sun.

This is the cycle of life.

The Sun is your life force connection to your beating heart.

A frozen body is in stillness, but, is not capable to connect to the life force.

The Sun is the connection to all life forms in this universe.

How can you understand the real laws of this universe if you are often unavailable to perception?

You have been so busy creating technology

that cannot serve you

if you don't access kindness, love, and gratitude.

More technologies will only fuel your ego.

UNLESS you connect to the heart

and to each other as brothers and sisters,

as parents to all living elements,

even Mother Earth Gaia.

Taking care of her like your most precious child, your newborn.

The needs of each living creature do not require your help to survive.


yes, they require your conscious care for their living ecosystems,

 their forests, their oceans, and their waters.

We cannot emphasize enough how much all humans need to start caring for Mother Earth at this moment in time."

Channeling SUNYMOON crystal

August 15, 2021


"The burning tree trunk hit by lightning....

"The burning tree trunk hit by lightning has its place in all creation.

It will provide a nesting environment for many creatures, in time.

So, allow nature to work for all.

You are not the sole inhabitants,

the center of creation, or the most important, as you tend to decree!

You are the servants of Mother Nature,


 because of your kind hearts,

can be in allowance of her Spirit to shine for all, and to nurture all with her bountiful gifts.

To nourish all.

Be the one who leads with your kindness,


focus on what is the most desirable


Be the servant to the beggar.

Be the lullaby to the suffering animal.

Be the water to the thirsty.

Be the kind hands that help the weak.

Be the leader to the lost ones. 

But most of all,

be silent in your actions so that the ego does not wake up!

Work at night in the secrecy of the dark sky.

Be humble with your use of words.

Celebrate the accomplishments of all, through silence and gratitude."

Channeling SUNYMOON crystal

The Third Eye activation


Is there a way we can merge with our truest selves, and let go of the illusions? I ask

“Yes, by activating your Third Eye.

What the physical eyes can see, the Third Eye discerns as illusions.

This triangle is the unlocking. The triangle that unlocks true “seeing”.

The Third Eye unlocks what the eyes cannot see.


Only in total synchronicity of these 3 eyes,

can the inhabitant of the vessel perceive this world with a true sense of reality.


 The unlocking of the golden key is made in the Third Eye portal or door opener.

We advise all, to connect the 3 eyes as a pyramid.

This was one of the powers that the Egyptians worshipped.


 The Third Eye is the one that can really see.

The 2 eyes are just the downloadable image communicator.

The Third Eye makes sense of it all.

 It is your lantern in the dark night.

It is your ally during internal wars of misunderstanding, and confusion.

It is your Soul’s connection activator.


For those who are seeking enlightenment, or understanding of the truth,

it is available within the Third Eye’s vision.

Seek no further, the key resides in your Third Eye.

The seer “sees”, and receives all needed information.

The results of that calm the heart and allow it to just feel this adventure.


 The mind is then activated to become the internal computer that carries the knowledge

through time, and space.

The human vessel malfunctions if these have not been properly activated.

The Third Eye connects the heart to feel, and the brain to evaluate internal

knowledge and lessons that the Soul has already achieved in other times.


Then, when all are functioning in accordance with the uses they were intended for,

the vessel will be able to operate as it was meant to.


Intuition is then restored, telepathy is initiated,

and discernment of circumstances is in full activation mode.

Antennas are turned on. The day can start!


The vessel needs good quality food to fuel it.

Peace can then be felt even in external chaos.


This potential is available to all.

Entice one another to activate the Third Eye.

This has been lost through time.

This is needed now.”


How can we activate The Third Eye? I ask

“Exercise “seeing” in total darkness, and silence.

Align your spinal cord straight. Slow breath.

Allow all your senses to activate.


Visualize holding trust in your left hand, and love in the right hand.

Focus on your Third Eye.

Do not push yourself to “see”, allow “seeing “to come.

 If you “see” a vision, allow yourself to be there,

then allow your “seeing” to move you to the next “seeing”, and so forth.


Darkness helps you focus the heart to connect to the Third Eye.

Trust allows the experience to be safe.

Love gives you access to protective energies that surround the vessel.


Your willingness and acceptance grant you more Third Eye integration.

This is not meditation.

It is an allowance from your Spirit to connect to your vessel.


This enables your vessel to accept more consciousness and transcendental telepathic visions

and integrates them with a feeling of peace, and JOY.


Embody the lantern you envision others to become.

Manifest it, so that you can shine the path for others to follow.

This Third Eye activation is crucial at this time in the history of Planet Earth.


You are all capable of glowing with this activation of awareness, wisdom, and enlightenment,

for the benefit of the entire Planet Earth.

Gaia is absorbing your love and efforts.


We, The Council of AR are cheering you, and applauding your improvements. 

You are all ancient Souls inhabiting new vessels.

Navigate your vessel to perfection! Love to all!”

 The Council of AR

August 8, 2021 

"Everyone has a heart, everyone has a soul....

"Everyone has a heart, everyone has a soul and a spirit.

How convenient to be able to access all 3, at all times.

No one is deprived of direct information and constant inspiration through what you each empower by thought. This is what you will tap into.

 Think of it as a center point with many avenues going in all directions.

You are at the center, you contain all your elements, including your pineal gland.

Now you need to choose one of these avenues.

Some avenues or choices will spread more darkness that already exists in this dualistic world.

Other avenues seem less enticing but they are made of pure light, for you to not only embrace the light, but embody the light, so that you can shine and therefore illuminate someone's path at some point, either by just your presence of peace or by your innate joy! 

     This seems boring for many who prefer the energies of complex dualities, mind games, and manipulations.

  It is only you who can discern with your integrity the path or avenue you will take. Be part of the solution, not the problem!

 Yes, humans are shown problems and lack left and right at this moment. But by spreading the disconformities of all, do you really think you will be tapping into your own creativity to find the solutions?

Only in the silence of the complexity of the human body, can the soul connect to the immensity of the universal knowledge ruled by light, ruled by source.

It is up to each one to choose the avenue they will embark on.

We are just watching the results. 

Many creative thoughts are sent your way. Many of those creative thoughts have full potential for amazing results. We hope you will synchronize your antennas to our frequencies so that we can transmit through you the ultimate life-saving plan for all humanity and for all living beings, including the mineral world and planet Gaia.

Be part of the solution! Tune in to the correct frequencies with your antennas. 

 How is this done? I ask 

It is done by slowing down until you can breathe in synchronicity with the breath of Gaia itself. Until all your molecules are releasing your egotistical mindset and your beautiful self can pick up the information and knowledge that resides in each soul. Remember you each have lived in many eras, locations, times, and have accumulated much knowledge. Good and bad. The know-how of all resides in each one of you. With no exception. 

Accept this fruitful opportunity to resolve this mixed-up puzzle you have found yourselves in."  Channeling The Council of AR

August 1, 2021 

"You are your own favorite ice cream...

"You are your own favorite ice cream flavor, enjoy it!

The Council of AR


" You are effortlessly loved .....

" You are effortlessly loved by all creations, at all times! 

You are the one who separates you from us, not the other way around.

Come back, we are waiting for you!"


The Council of AR

"We are all part of one, of the one...

"We are all part of one, of the one, the only one.

We bring you the love and completion your heart needs.

We unite in one in order to give you all the fruitful downloads in your hearts, of this embalming and loving nectar.

We are always with the ones who ask for our presence.

This happens in a second of time.

Rest assured you are listened to at all times.

Rejoice in the magnitude of the universal laws of attraction of most benevolent protective energies.

We bless you all to take the right path when confusion blurs your vision.

We are here for you to advance in your missions of compassion for each other's faults.

We cleanse the hearts of the ones who are ready to listen and absorb our lessons and guidance.

We see you are still inebriated with illusions that serve you none!

We ask of you to encounter your own hearts by prayer, songs, dance, joy, laughter, and silence.

We want to remove the veils of confusion that have blinded you for so long.

You are the lotus, you are the singing of the songbird, you are the laughter of the child, you are the breeze in the morning dawn, you are droplets of rain, you are the beautiful rose, you are the angel that protects you while you rest, you are the compassion of the saint.

You are all that you allow yourself to be.

That is why you are the self-healer and the most powerful ally of your own self.

Reach inside of you, but take us along with you, since we are your servants, your companion, your lovers.

Reach to us in your tears, in your laughter, and in your despair.

We are your servants, your beloved spirit helpers.

Become whole in your own right to exist in JOY!"

The Council of AR